National Weather Service Issues Air Quality Alert

Sunday July 17 has been declared an Ozone Action Day due to the high temperatures, humidity and expected elevated pollutants in the air.

Residents of eight southern Michigan counties are urged to limit their outdoor exposure Sunday July 17 after the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment have declared it an Ozone Action Day.

Such a classification means an elevated amount of ozone in the atmosphere, therefore there will be more pollutants in the air--conditions that could be difficult or harmful to those with asthma or other similar respiratory problems.

According to the National Weather Service, which has issued an air quality alert, temperatures are expected to reach 90 Sunday and the heat will continue well into the week with temperatures only dipping into the mid-70s at night.

The alert identifies Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw and three other area counties as being within the zone. 

The alert recommends avoiding actions that could add to the ozone in the atmosphere, which include:

  • refueling vehicles
  • using gasoline-powered lawn equipment
  • using charcoal lighter fluid

Those actions that are recommended: 

  • carpooling
  • biking
  • use of water based paints

The alert also recommends to limit outdoor exertion, especially by those with respiratory problems. 


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