Photos: Living-Dead Revives Downtown Utica With Zombie Walk

Nearly 200 zombies roam the streets of Utica during first annual Utica Zombie Crawl Saturday.

Emerging from the fog and light mist Saturday night in Utica was hundreds of zombies.

Visitors to the town's bars and restaurants who didn't know Saturday was the first-ever Utica Zombie Crawl, were in for a delightfully scary treat.

Luckily, the living-dead crawling through the streets didn't frighten away the living - in fact, it did the exact opposite.

"We came out to see the lunatics," said Rose Kaye laughing of Sterling Heights, as she entertained her out-of-town guest, Carol Pochmara.

More than 200 people dawned on POP! Caffeine Gaming in Utica throughout the evening and donated $5 to the American Red Cross. In return, they were given a wrist band, which bought them discounts on drinks and food at participating bars and restaurants, and a reduced admission to the Utica Lions Club haunted house.

For an additional $5, wannabes were "zombified" at POP! as volunteers painted fake red blood and hung flesh-colored gelatin on their faces.

"I am having a blast and helping charity," said zombie Brenden Marsee of Macomb.

Before sunset, owners of POP!, Phil and Kim Stone, told Patch they had already "zombified" nearly 80 people and collected more than $1,300 for the Red Cross.

During the evening, zombies roamed the streets and ate and drink at local bars and restaurants.

An entrail and intestine eating contest was held at Cass Bar and Grill and a Zombie beauty pageant was held at Muldoon's and the Lockeroom.

At 7 p.m., the zombies dragged their feet to POP! and then crawled to the Utica Lions Club Sinister House on 6991 Auburn Road, for a bonfire and a night of scares.

POP! Owner Dubs as Head Zombie Wrangler

The Zombie Crawl was the brainchild of head zombie-hunter, Kim Stone.

"I've been so excited, I have been throwing up for days," she said with a smile. "I don't think anyone is having as much fun as me."

After opening POP! this summer, Stone said she wanted the world to know all that Utica has to offer.

"The best part about the zombie crawl is having people go to restaurants they never have," said Stone. "All of the restaurants are family-friendly and we wanted everyone to know that. Utica is beautiful."

Utica Cass Bar and Grill Owner John Sattman said the zombie crawl has been great for business.

"That's the point. Get people down here," he said.

Sattman and the Stones, riding high on Saturday's success, are already beginning to plan the second annual Utica Zombie Crawl.

"It's been beyond awesome," said Phil Trysh of Sterling Heights. "It's awesome to see people who are fans of the whole zombie genre."

Upload your pictures if you've been "zombiefied," this year.

mike October 15, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Great plan for showcasing the unique family friendly ambience of our beloved Utica !! Keep up the great work !


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