Shelby Mom, Son Team Write Parenting Book

Teachers offer advice tips on how to curb bad behavior.

Shelby Township resident and retired UCS teacher Diane Finkbeiner has partnered with her son, Chad, to author “How to Break 10 Common Childhood Myths,” a book that gives tips on how to curb unwanted behavior. 

Chad is a graduate who teaches middle school classes in Armada, where he also lives. The self-published book, released July 23, is the first for the mother-son duo. 

A book signing is planned for Oct. 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester. The book costs $13.47 at amazon.com for the print edition. An electronic version is $3.49. 

A common childhood myth is usually an unwanted behavior that parents have come to accept. The myths were developed after years of teaching at different levels and noticing that children of all ages seem to believe things that were not accurate, Diane said. There are about 100 stories in the book along with background ideas and advice for encouraging wanted behaviors. 

“We decided to share helpful hints or techniques to overcome, incorporating anecdotes and stories from real life or examples of what to try and what to avoid,” Diane added. 

“No Means Yes” is one example used it the book. The myth refers to a child’s belief that by continuing to push they can get adults to change a “no” into a “yes.” This myth is easy to overcome, but only if the parent is persistent. Using “maybe” is a viable alternative. 

The Finkbeiners offered techniques and advice similar to what’s in the book through various community education classes both locally and in Alabama. They also hosted a seminar for student teachers at Central Michigan University and provide private “Sassy Kids Home Parties,” where they offer parenting tips during gatherings. Some techniques were used in the Finkbeiner home as well. 

“Most of our family anecdotes are centered around my brother and me and our interaction with our parents. There is no way for me to put a qualifier on how my parents’ methods have helped me to grow; they really have made me the man I am today through tough love and understand patience,” Chad said. 

Diane taught in the UCS district for 40 years, having retired from Momfort Elementary. Her husband, Fred, was also a UCS teacher until his sudden death in 1996. A memorial stone at Heritage Junior High in Sterling Heights was dedicated in his memory. 

Childhood Myths September 15, 2011 at 07:14 PM
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