Eisenhower Takes on Parody of the Bard's Works

"The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (abridged)" threw plenty of laughs at the audience Saturday night during the final performance.

The humor of William Shakespeare is such that it makes theater-goers smile and shake with silent laughter as the bard's words wash over them.

But even the bard himself likely would have been doubled over in laughter at the Drama Club and Thespian Troupe's performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Saturday at the Performing Arts Center.

The parody of Shakespeare's plays allowed for improvisation, audience involvement and plenty of license in delivering parodied versions of works from Romeo & Juliet to MacBeth to Hamlet.

There was even a bit of throw-up humor, as each tragedy's leading lady upchucked just before expiring, always right over the front of the stage and ostensibly into the laps of first-row theater-goers.

Giovanni DeMartinis and Sam Mitchelson led the cast of six narrators in helping set the stage for their dozens of their acting classmates as they spirited their way hilariously through all 37 of Shakespeare's plays.

The finale was a condensed version of the final scene from Hamlet, done several times, increasingly faster – and then backward.



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