Mad Habit Music Video to Showcase Local Kids' Dance Moves

Mad Habit Media is using more than 60 local kids to dance in a music video it is filming in Macomb Township on Jan. 22.

Later this month, more than 60 local kids will take to the hallways of a Macomb Township high school to film their part of a  music video.

Produced by MHM, in association with The Choose Friendship Company, the video is a collaborative effort to raise awareness on bullying in schools as well as inspiring kids to “pay‐it‐forward” with friendship.

A new song, performed by Marisa Nahas and titled Inside Out, will headline the video, while around 100 extras and secondary characters will provide the backdrop and perform a short, choreographed dance during a portion of the song.

The music video is set to film Jan. 22. The location has not been disclosed.

For more information on Mad Habit Media, or to follow the making of this music video, visit the MHM Facebook page.


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