Local Edible Arrangements Rewards the Fruits of Your Labor

The Metro Detroit Group of Edible Arrangements brings the national Random Acts of Happiness Campaign local and serves up some delicious fruit to deserving individuals.

Listen up, because here’s something to go bananas about: fruit bouquets from Edible Arrangements as part of their Random Acts of Happiness Campaign.  

The 15 Edible Arrangements stores in the Metro Detroit area have teamed up to make the national Random Acts of Happiness Campaign a local venture. And the and Sterling Heights store owners Ben and Phyllis Muzljakovich are doing their part by bringing the contest to you. 

“The Metro Detroit area stores got together and decided that this was something they wanted to do to get involved with their communities,” said Phyllis, who has owned these stores with her husband Ben since 2006. “It’s a way of giving back to certain events and charities that are always shopping in our stores.”

The campaign is all about recognizing random acts of happiness and rewarding them with an act of happiness from Edible Arrangements. At the national level, this involves awarding $10,000 to individuals and $20,000 to groups if selected.

But at the local level, the Metro Detroit Edible Arrangements stores are giving out fruit bouquets in their communities through the end of the summer. Each store owner is looking to recognize four people or groups from among the customers they serve.

“Everyone is doing their part in their own community … to present these baskets to charities and different things that they have going on in their own community,” Phyllis said of the Metro Detroit Group.

Ben and Phyllis choose the recipients from among their customers and those who make donations to the many causes they support. The local owners also take into account the opinions of their employees, as they are the ones interacting with the customers on a daily basis. 

The Shelby and Sterling Heights stores have already performed their first Random Act as they provided First Lt. Michael Krogh with a Patriotic Edible Arrangement during his farewell party. 

The owners are looking for at least three more people to recognize. So if you know someone who deserves a random act of happiness for their own acts in the community, then make sure to stop into the stores.

“(This campaign) is kind of our way of giving back to them,” Phyllis said. 


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