Macomb Biggbys to Begin Fundraiser For Fallen Soldiers Monument

Fundraising will begin Feb. 1 to help pay for a veteran's monument in Mount Clemens to commemorate Macomb County's fallen soldiers.

All nine Biggby Coffee shops in Macomb County will begin selling icons in order to raise money for a veteran’s monument in Mount Clemens.

The 9-foot structure will be in the shape of a pentagon and will feature twin towers on the top to honor Sept. 11 victims. The names of the county's fallen soldiers who died during the War on Terrorism will be inscribed along the side of the columns.

and Veterans Affairs Coordinator for Shelby Township, , introduced the fund-raising effort at the last Board of Trustees meeting.

Randazzo said the monument has already been ordered and will be placed in between the three flags in front of the county building.

Biggby Coffee shops will begin selling icons on Feb. 1 for a minimum donation of $1. Each logo can be personalized with a message and will be displayed inside the coffee shops.

Danyko added that Randazzo’s wife, Norma, who has helped her husband coordinate efforts to get the county monument displayed since 2004, designed the icons.

In addition to raising money through the icons, Danyko said brick pavers with a personal message that will surround the monument, can be bought for under $250.

The Veterans of Foreign Affairs will approve all messages on the brick pavers.

Father of fallen solder Mark Barbret, who lost his life in 2004 in Iraq, addressed the Board of Trustees and thanked Shelby for its support to the families.

“The things that have been done for our families, it’s been incredible. The whole community is asked to do something for—not our families—but the fallen soldiers,” said Kim Barbret.

The emotional father added that the monument will help remind residents of the sacrifices the soldiers have made to protect America’s freedoms. 

david danyko January 27, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Thank you for your coverage on behalf of all Americans who have and continue to serve our country.


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