New Owners Revamp, Reopen Shelby Skating Rink

Focus back on skating at The New Rink.

After sitting empty for two years, new owners have refurbished what many Shelby Township natives have long know as The Rink. The New Rink Roller Sports Complex is owned by a family of longtime skaters and is the fifth and largest skating rink managed by the group. 

The facility was most recently called Maxx Play and was home to a barrage of different activities including bouncy slides, paintball, Whirlyball, and even a teen night club before it was shut down. 

All of that’s gone now, as the new owners—Denise Koziara and family—shift focus back on skating alone at the 90,000-square-foot facility. They even hope to bring back some nostalgia that’s often associated with The Rink by hosting a skater’s reunion night Oct. 22. In addition, 23 local schools have booked skating parties similar to what many adults experienced as kids. 

“There’s a lot of history here, a lot of history in this rink. I hear it everyday when I talk to people,” Koziara said. “We recognize that and that’s one reason we’re bringing the focus here back to skating.” 

Since taking ownership last spring, Koziara and family have restored what many skaters remember from The Rink, including the original entrance, the wood floor skating area, and those globe chandeliers. They’ve applied a fresh coat of paint, cleaned or replaced carpet, and rearranged so that the skate rental counter is easier to find. The roller hockey area is cleaned and functional and hosts or will soon offer lessons, leagues, and drop-in play. Also, Koziara added, they will soon open a bar and grill. Although they’ve kept the laser tag game, everything else—including the children’s tubing area, has been removed to keep the focus on skating. 

The New Rink poses a few challenges for Koziara and family, as it is significantly bigger than the other properties her and her family own including: Skatin Station in Canton; Rollerama in Brighton; BonaVenture in Farmington Hills; and EDRU Skatarama in Holt, MI. “This is a challenge for us, we’ve never operated a building this big and it’s three businesses in one,” Koziara said of the rink, roller hockey arena, and restaurant. “But we’re up for it. Skating is what we do best and it’s what we’ve done all of our lives. I think people will be happy when they see what we can do; we’re all skaters and we know this business.” 

The New Rink Grand Opening and Reunion Skate is set for Oct. 22 from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Single admission is $10 and family is $25. Food and cocktails will be served. A ribbon-cutting event is Oct. 20 at 5:30 p.m. and a free public open skate session will take place after. Visit their website or Facebook page for more. 


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