10 Places to Find a Summer Job in Shelby and Utica

It's about time to secure a paycheck for the season, so check our list.

When you think of seasonal employment, the usual suspects come to mind: lifeguarding, landscaping and freeloading.

The following list includes positions specific to Shelby Township, but not the hundreds of openings for babysitting and camp counselors in the surrounding area.

Many employers need help for the summer, the cities parks included, so here's a list of 10 jobs to keep your summer productive and well-funded:

  1. Lifetime Fitness: Lifetime Fitness is looking for summer camp supervisors, swim instructors, pilates and yoga instructors and people to work in the cafe and tennis pro shop to name a few. For a full list of job openings and details to apply, click here.
  2. Stony Creek Metro Park: is now accepting seasonal applications for jobs ranging from park maintenance, to boat launch, concession, toll booth attendant and lifeguard. Last year's seasonal employees will get first crack at job openings, as the park has already sent out letters to those people to find out if they're interested in returning. If the employee denies the invitation, the park then sift through the new applications. To apply, visit, www.metroparks.com.
  3. Dairy Queen: Will work for ice cream. Utica's Dairy Queen has applications in the store.
  4. Nanny: Many parents who work full time need someone to watch their kids when they are out of school. There are plenty of nanny positions available; this site lists a few dozen of them.
  5. Pizza Delivery: Most pizza places hire delivery drivers for the summer, including . For details on applying for this position, click here.
  6. Kids Camp Counselor: The Shelby Township and Utica Parks and Recreation Department is looking to hire camp counselors for summer basketball and nature camps. The Shelby Township Human Resource Department said the pay for the counselor position is $7.44 an hour. Applications are available at the City Municipal Hall or the Parks and Recreation Building.
  7. Umpire: The Shelby Township Parks and Recreation is taking applications for a seasonal umpire for the department's summer baseball league. Applications can be picked up at the Municipal Hall or the Parks and Recreation builing.
  8. Seasonal City Worker: Shelby Township is hiring grounds keepers to help keep the city's parks and clean. The pay for grounds keepers ranges from $7.44 to $9.65. Applications can be found at the Municipal Hall. 
  9. Fire Hydrant Painters: Shelby Township is hiring fire hydrant painters to paint and maintain the township's hydrants red and fresh. The pay for a township hydrant worker is $9.36 an hour. Applications can be found at the Municipal Hall.
  10. Internships: are normally unpaid and part time, so they can be performed in addition to seasonal employment (plus look great on your resume!). All of the major job websites (Monster, Career Builder, etc.) have internships listed, but it's worth checking the career services center at your institution to see if they have any inside leads.
Matt Guarnieri March 30, 2012 at 04:27 PM
The last person who got the job was the next door neighbor of the previous clerk.... what can you do? The law says they have to have a deputy... Way off topic of "summer jobs"
Jeffery Berz March 31, 2012 at 10:08 PM
The birds would only crap on it!
Matt Guarnieri March 31, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Huh? Time for your meds Seymour. I actually emailed and spoke on the phone with Mr. Grot... I then emailed and FOIA-ed the current pay of township deputies in Clinton, Chesterfield, Washington and Macomb Twp.’s. I am definitely not happy with ANY "appointments" but if you're not willing to criticize ALL appointments it's not fair to pick and choose who is in the wrong. All are in the wrong or all are acceptable. If Mrs. Aft can justify and defend her own appointment then everyone has the equal right to do so. I have looked at the facts and done my comparisons. The fact that person after person defends the appointment of Mrs. Aft and the fact that I have to treat ALL appointments equally and figure if no one is willing to condemn ALL high paid appointments then it's not fair to just condemn just this one. You're either fair or biased, to criticize one appointment while accepting another is not equal. Neither appointment had to meet any criteria accept to be "liked" by the one doing the appointing. Still… way off topic of the story, maybe you should write a blog here and discuss your displeasure with certain politicians and their actions that effect taxpayers. I tried.


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