Kick Start Your Health: 7-Day Detox Plus Program

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We developed this program with YOUR health and wellbeing in mind. The perfect starting point to transform your health and your life.

What is a Detox and why do I need one?

Your body works to detoxify itself constantly by flushing out toxins through your liver, kidneys, lymph system, lungs and skin. This is simply NOT enough. Toxins bombard our food, in the air, in the products we use for personal care, cleaning and even in our furniture. Toxins are in everything and everywhere. Our bodies were not made to take this punishment day in and day out for your lifetime.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  • Brain Fog

  • Fatigue especially mid afternoon

  • Digestive Issues

  • Skin problems

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Headaches

  • Allergies and Sinus problems

  • PMS out of control

  • Joint pain

  • Achy in muscles

  • Anxiety

  • The Blues

  • Insomnia

What will a detox do?

A cleanse and detox is a way to step up your metabolism and boost your nutrition to help your body rid itself of toxins and give some much needed support to your liver. We keep expecting our bodies to take whatever punishment we provide without failing us and usually it does, at least for a long while, then we wonder why it seems we just fall apart!

Our 7-Day Detox PLUS includes:

Week One - A FREE Prep week - You get two e-mails from us during this week to help with guidance on how to prepare, shop and get inspired to take action for a healthier YOU. These tips help set you up for total success.

Week Two – The cleanse. You will receive a daily e-mail support to keep you on track and motivated to complete the cleanse. That is seven emails that include: daily tips, recipes, snack ideas, encouragement and information on what to expect and why. This daily check in is the support that most of us need to get over any obstacles and to know someone cares about our success!

Week Three - Included FREE but Optional. You may feel so darn good you will want it to last! You will get instructions on how to do an elimination diet to assess a possible sensitivity to grains and gluten - a very common intolerance.

Week Four – Included FREE but Optional. You will learn about dairy and lactose elimination and how to determine if this is a problem for you as it is for a big part of our population.

Not only will you learn about intolerances of these two food groups in weeks three and four but some alternatives you can use in place of them for better food enjoyment.

Cost is $47.00

Additional Support is Available One-on-one coaching on-line or by phone, if you need a smidge more help. Cost is $37.00 for up to a 20-minute session. Some people like an accountability partner daily for the 7 days or maybe just during the elimination weeks 3 & 4 to assess any issues.

We will be providing you additional eating and wellness options at the end of this program if you want to continue your journey in improving your health or a weight loss.


How often should I do a detox?

I recommend a 7-day cleanse at the change of seasons. Just like an oil change in your car, this can be part of a healthy program to keep your engine running smoothly. Perhaps you need a way to start your weight loss efforts off right with a clean tank or maybe you are at a plateau you can’t seem to get beyond. All of these call for a DETOX or Cleanse it is sometimes called.

How is our Detox program different?

There are a ton of detox programs out there but we developed this one using products that are known to be safe and are not extreme and the average person is able to complete it successfully. Honestly, how many of us are that committed to drink only juice for 30 days?

Look at all you get - you won’t believe it! We have thrown in three extra weeks of free tips and help beyond the actual 7-day cleanse that will prepare you for this cleanse and assess for food intolerances after the detox that can further help your health for life.

What results should I expect from doing the 7-Day Detox PLUS?  

  • Weight loss (7 lbs. in 7 days is typical!)

  • More energy

  • Skin is clear

  • Eyes bright

  • Sleep is better

  • Digestive issues gone

  • Headaches gone

  • Allergies improved

  • Pain in joints improved or gone

  • Mood is much better

  • And General Sense of wellbeing is achieved

Note: Results may vary. Be sure to notify your health care provider if you go on a detox or of any changes in your health care regime. If you have particular health issues, I suggest a free 1-1 consultation with myself for some ideas on how to be sure it is manageable for you or even feasible.


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