Send Us Your Michigan Postcard Ideas

You showed us nearly 2,000 great photos from Michigan; we know you have more. Share them!

In July, we launched the so that Patch community members could share their visions of Michigan with us.

You responded in droves: The first week, we had more than 700 entries in the contest.

Over the next eight weeks, readers shared nearly 2,000 photos and countless comments, showing the love the state of Michigan runs deep among its residents.

We'd like to continue sharing your great images through Michigan Postcards, a new daily series.

Here's all you have to do:

  • Attach a photo to this file, and tell us in the caption the who, what, where and when. Then tell us why you think it's a great nominee for Michigan Postcards. If you haven't added a photo as a Patch user, you can follow this .
  • If we choose your image as a postcard, we will let you know. It'll go out to all our readers, and they in turn will have the opportunity to email it to friends as a postcard.
  • If you don't have a photo to nominate, tell us in comments which ones you DO like. We will certainly take readers' suggestions into consideration. After all, you DID make this possible with all of your original photos of Michigan!
  • We'll share first many of the images you sent in for the contest. We realize we can't share them all, but we'll use as many as we can.

Our first Michigan Postcard is the winner of the summer photo contest, a photo taken on a .

What about you? Do you have a Michigan Postcard?


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