Yates Cider Mill Delights Apple Lovers for Nearly 150 Years

An abundance of apple treats can be found at Yates, along with a petting zoo for the kids and a walking trail and picnic area near the Clinton River.

Since opening in 1863, the has attracted apple lovers to the area for more than a century.

The cider mill's traditions remain the same, but now families and the romantics flock to the recreational jewel for their fall fix.

In the beginning, the cider mill was known to local farmers and orchard owners for a place to press their apples.  Today, it’s known for its delightful apple treats and river-lined trails.

Yates specializes in hot doughnuts, fresh cider, apple crisps, homemade apple pies, caramel apples and fresh red and green apples.

New to Yates drink menu this year is a hot spiced cider and a cider slushy. And, don’t forget to come hungry because Yates is now making homemade pocket pies, a lightly glazed pastry pocket filled with an apple, peach, raspberry or cherry filling. 

When the Yates Dam was built over the Clinton River, the stream powered the cider mill's operations. Now, that same dam helps the mill churn out more than 300 gallons of fresh cider every hour, all while making their visitors a part of the process by allowing them a bird’s-eye view of the cider being made. 

“Our kids had a blast watching the cider being made, not many cider mills will allow you to see that,” said Jamie Coleman, who recently moved to Rochester Hills.  He and his wife liked the picnic area along the river, “It was a great place to have our cider and donuts,” Coleman added.

Yates has something for everyone: delicacies for the foodies, petting zoos for the kids and a 1.5-mile trail along the Clinton River for the adventurous at heart.

The Yates Cider Mill and its surrounding parks are open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-7 p.m. weekends in September and October. More information can be found on the cider mill website.


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