Love Notes: Catch a Rom-Com at MJR Partridge Creek

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Because love and laughter often go hand-in-hand, catching a romantic comedy at the local movie theater is a great way to get in the Valentine's mood.

However, not everyone is cut out for rom-com. To help you decide what type of flick is best for you, consider which of the following statements fits your line of thought:

A) Valentine's Day is a purely commercial venture designed to lower buyers' self-esteem so drastically that it is child's play to convince them that love can be bought through clothes, jewelry, chocolates and body spray–all of which have the potential to ruin one's health, wallet and nasal passages.

B) Valentine's Day is a holiday to be shared with those you love–family, friends and sweethearts.

If you chose the option A, you'll want to opt for Meryl Streep's British biopic, The Iron Lady, or the tear-jerking drama, War Horse. At some later date, you'll also want to seek professional help.

If you chose option B, your best bet would be to catch a rom-com in the company of your loved one(s).

Katherine Heigl's One for the Money is the top rom-com currently running at . Rated PG-13, this flick combines action, sex and Jersey attitude for 106 mintues of rom-com fun. Find show times here.

Head to the theater before noon Friday-Sunday for the Super Saver price of $4.25. Matinee shows from noon-6 p.m. are $5 for all ages and adult evening prices top out at $9.75.


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