Back to Basics: Whatever Happened to Leaving A Little to the Imagination?

Dress codes for dating and our daughters.

Somewhere a long the lines women lost sight of dress code etiquette when trying to entice the male species.  Sadly, today it starts at a much younger age.  I haven't decided if that's because the divorce rate is so high and so many of us middle agers are out there dressed to kill...your reputation that is.

There is an inappropriateness to our dating dress code and we've seemed to have made it a trend.  Not always by dressing that way ourselves.  Sometimes it's simply by allowing our daughters to dress that way.  Are they imitating us?  Or are we imitating them?  Either way it's the wrong message!

What ever happened to "leave a little to the imagination," or "why buy the cow, if you get the milk for free?"  Yes they are old fashioned, but sometimes old fashioned is a good thing!  For instance grandmas chicken soup for that common cold.  We need to get back to the basics again both in our own wardrobe and those we are passing our feminine torches to...our daughters.

There is nothing more unappealing than a forty-something (keep in mind I'm a forty-something) sitting at a bar with her boobs on display.  It wreaks of desperation ladies.  Now before someone goes postal on me for my views, know that I always speak from experience.  In other words, there was a time or two when it was my boobs at the bar...before I thought better of it.

There is equally nothing more unappealing than the 15 year old dressed for homecoming in a skirt short enough to display her...eh em...daisy.  For God sake...if she bends over the whole world will know her business. 

We are collectively sending a message and not so subtly I might add.  I wonder if it is really our intentions to sink that low and why we feel like we have to?  I'm not suggesting that we put a penny between our knees when we sit down with our dates or during school. Nor am I talking turtlenecks in July. However, keeping the parts protected for a little while...you'll find...will give you more power than you know. And should you snag the bachelor you've been eyeballing...what a prize he will have waiting for him when you are ready!

Dare to be different!  Start the back to basics trend!


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Lianne Mathie August 24, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Karen, I realize what you said.There will always be people in this world that do not fit in to any mold, square peg, round hole That being said, I try not to pigeon hole anyone. Some are a little more outrageous.Now , back on topic. Usually when with a friend, when we were younger, if they were wearing something a little too revealing I would just introduce my friend as. Hi, this is Karen and these are her breasts. Sorry about using your name. But you get my point.We all need to help each other a bit sometimes. Have a great day:)
Karen Blaisdell August 25, 2012 at 08:21 PM
@Lianne...and as you humorously point to my breasts as your contribution, I write this article as mine :) Thanks for taking the time...have a wonderful weekend!
John August 25, 2012 at 10:47 PM
(Please notice: The following is tongue and cheek and only partially serious.) Once a month I take my daughter on a daddy/daughter date. By doing this I am teaching her that she is a princess - and a princess never opens her own door. The other day I forgot to get her door and she just stood there and cleared her throat and directed my attention to the fact that she was waiting... I think the little bugger was actually tapping her foot at me. ;-) I am teaching her that if a gentleman takes her to dinner but calls it a "dutch treat" then she should allow some other young lady the pleasure of his company. I am teaching her that if a gentleman tells her that he "loves her" yet pressures her for premarital attention then he does not really. I am teaching her that love is sacrificial and if the young man that would woe her heart does not sacrifice himself for his mother then he is not likely going to sacrifice himself for her either. Yes, I know that my teachings are gross over simplifications but I would have her throw one back that was a keeper than keep one that should have been thrown back. And Yes, some people may say that I am doing some damage to my daughter but I figure that the college-fund will double for a therapy-fund in a heart beat and I don't want to have use it for a Baby's Room. ;-) I used to sub-teach in the mid-2000's and I was not impressed with the thongs that 6th grade girls insisted in displaying - Thanks for the article.
Nancy Jo Brown August 27, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Your a good dad
Karen Blaisdell October 04, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Dear John, I am sorry that I never saw this to respond. I can only say kudos to you for doing what you are supposed to do as her father! When we decide to have children, it is an unwritten contract to protect, love and teach them...too many parents today don't take the time...you are exceptional! Sincerely,


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