Online Dating SOS: To drink or not to drink...that is the question?

Drinking on your first date is not only dangerous, but a possible precursor for bad decisions.

And the answer is a resounding no!

It's more than customary to move past the online avenue and meet in person for a drink these days, but take that social sip with caution. You really don't know the person past a few casual email conversations or phone calls and although your intentions may be pure...theirs may not be. 

It may seem like meeting at the local watering hole is safe enough, however, having even one drink may do more than just calm those "meeting someone new" nerves.  In fact, drinking has the potential to lead to poor decision making skills; ones that might leave you wondering "What was I thinking" or worse yet...your friends wondering "Where is he/she?"   I can't tell you how many "I wish I didn't do that" testimonies I've been told during my time as an online dater...and dare I say, I've regretfully said it myself once or twice.

If you really want to see if you've made a love connection, go as your sober self and expect the same from your suitor.  Have a cup of Joe, latte or a tea and get to know the real deal you're thinking about dating.  People are different when they've had a drink, isn't the objective to get to know each other better?  A cup of coffee may seem a bit boring, but you've got plenty of time to kick up your heels and party with your new partner...should they be "the one."

If you can't get your date to respond with a resounding "yes" to the "no drink" request for your first date, then say no thanks and keep searching.  Someone who is a serious searcher and moreover, seriously interested in you, would be respectful enough to honor your wishes without making you feel like you've already disappointed them.

When it comes to first dates and drinking...just say no!


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Jennifer Szarejko February 25, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Very well said! Even though I am a married mom of two, this the avenue dating is headed and what I'll probably be watching my children do when they are old enough... I hope my children are this wise.
Mike February 25, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Yep, it's a crazy world out there. Meeting people online is not something that should be done cautiously. Make sure you get a real name, a real phone number and casually let the person you're meeting know you've left that info with someone. Someone who knows you are meeting. On a first date......Coffee seems a better choice. Be careful Ladies!
Karen Blaisdell March 01, 2012 at 08:54 PM
@ Jennifer, thanks for the response and sorry it took me so long to respond...midterms ughh :) Thank you for the compliment, I can only tell you that it was a long time learning to "get" what I should have been doing versus what I had done. Here's hoping your girls just "do the right thing"!
Karen Blaisdell March 01, 2012 at 08:54 PM
@ Mike, great advice for sure. I learned that trick very early on and it is vital to your safety...thanks for the post!
Mike March 03, 2012 at 02:22 PM
It probably would also be a good idea to Google their name. It wouldn't hurt to cross check it with an "Offender" site as well. I have met up with a few on-line dates. I offer details like that up front and have even suggested they bring a friend for a first time meet and greet. If a guy is genuine, honest, and honorable, he won't be offended and should make his dates safety a priority. Great topic Karen, I'm glad you wrote about it! I'm surprised how few commented.


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