What Does American Culture Mean Anymore?

An article discussing the dismissing and dismantling of the American culture.

Does it strike you as odd that such a melting pot would have an individual culture?  Or do you believe that we are just that, a melding of anything goes due to the freedoms we share in this country.  The truth of the matter is, even though we embrace cultural differences, we actually have a culture that originated in this country that all too often gets ignored.  It may be easy to assume we are a nation of many cultures; and while technically we are...it was one culture that brought the rest of them home.

America was founded on Christian principles, which is why God was so ingrained in the foundation of this nation.  We may have all started out immigrants, but we came together to build a new nation with a religion, a language, rights and laws.  Why is it then that we easily embrace the new, yet so carelessly toss our American culture to the wind as we bend to a new generation of immigrants?  Is it not enough that we opened our arms to diversity without question?  Quite frankly, I am offended at the utter disrespect shown for the very culture that allowed these immigrants to be free; to celebrate their own cultures on a foreign land they now call home.

I am past the point of worrying about ridicule or being branded a racist.  It seems I have to say that in everything I write these days.  I am merely putting to words what so many Americans think and feel, but in this politically correct society are too afraid to say.  Standing up for my culture does not make me a racist...it makes me a realist. 

In no other country would it be acceptable that an immigrant of 10+ years didn’t know the cultures language; where translators had to be on standby at parent teacher conferences  because the parents of that child attending there didn’t speak English.  Why am I pushing one for English as if English should be the option and furthermore, why is English the 8th language on the ATM screen at my local PNC Bank?  Celebrate your culture, speak your language and teach your children.  It’s good to know a second language and not forget the culture you came from.  However, once you took citizenship in America, English should have become just as important to you as the language you came here speaking.

Why in a country that was founded on Christianity, where God played a pivotal role in our beliefs and behaviors, is stamping him out of public venues becoming increasingly prominent.  God is a part of the American culture.  He was a commanding presence in the building of this nation.  We entrusted him with our value on our dollar bill “In God We Trust.”   We believed he was the bearer of our life, liberty and happiness in our Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”   Yet somehow it has been demanded God be removed by the very people that were given the opportunity to believe or to not believe, by a culture that says they have the right to dismiss that which our American culture held dear. 

Individuals residing in Hamtramck are subjected to the call to prayer everyday twice a day, whether Muslim or not.  But Christians are constantly battling to keep their nativity scenes up for Christmas — or should I say for the “holidays.”   While on the subject of freedom of religion and speech, how many of you are aware of the planned rally in Dearborn this past September?  It was a well formed rally where Muslims marched in opposition to freedom of speech if it hurts their religious feelings; this all the while holding signs stating “Allah will destroy the terrorist state of Israel.”  How about in California, where a judge ruled a group of teenagers were not allowed to wear t-shirts branded with the American flag on Cinco De Mayo because it offended the Mexican culture.  Hell, even our own President spent American tax payer dollars apologizing for our freedom of speech in a commercial disavowing  a video that allegedly caused an outbreak in the Middle East.  Where’s the outrage and commercial apologizing to the Christians for the disgusting display of “art” depicting Christ and the Virgin Mary in urine?  Poor taste, hurt feelings and cultural differences have never been a reason for silence in our culture and we aren’t going to make exceptions now.   There is another choice if you are not happy with our culture and cannot abide by or respect our laws.  You can be a visitor rather than a citizen, where our culture won’t have time to offend you.

We have a culture...the American culture; where we celebrate our Christianity, speak English, bear arms and have freedom of speech among many other things.  This culture should be respected as the foundation that allowed all immigrants to come here legally and pursue the same.  Honor our past that defined our culture; for it is our past that allowed you to have such a future.   

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Karen Blaisdell November 28, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Dear Matt, Thank you for reading and posting a comment. I hope you come back for the next! I know there are many who feel the same way you do. Sincerely,
Karen Blaisdell November 28, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Dear David, Please feel free to keep posting. The more comments you leave the longer it will remain on the front page of Patch.com and the more people will have an opportunity to read it. As far as your insults and demands for links. Google it yourself, I'm done humoring your outrageous posts. Sincerely,
David Cashman November 30, 2012 at 02:48 PM
"Google it myself"? Karen, I googled your content and I found nothing to confirm anything you said. That's why I branded you a liar. Please prove me wrong. I'm not going to let you spew lies and not be called out over it. Now it is your job as the writer to link the news stories proving you are not just making all this stuff up. "Please feel free to keep posting." --- Okay, I will, Karen. Clearly I, or anybody for that matter, lack the ability to help you understand just exactly how your blog comes across to non-Christian Americans. The idea of you calling my questions outrageous is well... I'm at a loss of words, Karen. You won't answer a single one of my questions, nor will you prove anything you said is true. You simply resort to saying, "Outrageous!", "Assumptions are bad" (which by the way, is a laughable response by you) and "blah blah blah White, Christian power."
David Cashman November 30, 2012 at 03:03 PM
"Does it strike you as odd that such a melting pot would have an individual culture? Or do you believe that we are just that, a melding of anything goes due to the freedoms we share in this country." --Karen, above is your two first lines. I've read them many times and I just do not understand the writing. Your opening line and questions asks: Does it strike ME as odd that such a melting pot would have an individual culture? What culture? A culture of acceptance? A culture where ethnic groups live together stateside (like Indians in Troy for e.g.)? Are you talking about the daily culture you experience in Shelby Township, Michigan? Your second question: do I believe we are a melting pot of "anything goes due to the freedoms we share"? Karen, do you realize the Irish and the Italians, and Catholics, were once heavily discriminated against in America?
David Cashman November 30, 2012 at 03:11 PM
I'm sorry, Kristin. I meant to say, "Catholic culture..." which as you know has a long, horrific and widely publicized culture of protecting pedophiles. And as you know, Catholic Priests do indeed represent Catholicism. But again I was wrong, the Catholic Church paying out hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) in child molesting lawsuits does not in any way represent Christianity as a whole--though, you must admit, it was pretty damning of the Catholic church, probably worse than electing a former Nazi the Pope---which by the way, Karen, I will post the photo of the Pope wearing a Nazi uniform as a child if you can't find it on google. Wish you would do the same with the Dearborn sign!


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