Have You Watched Shelby Township Board Meetings Lately?

Blogger Matt Guarnieri asks for a 'time out' chair for the Shelby Township Board of Trustees meetings, saying being there is like being around a bunch of preschoolers.

Name calling, threats, yelling—we need a “time out” chair for this bunch.

The elected Shelby Township Board of Trustees has to balance the concerns of over 70,000 residents.

What we have at the meeting lately is nasty name calling from self-entitled cry babies. "It's not our fault we don't like our situation—fix it now or I'll yell louder." It's like being around a bunch or preschoolers.

Most residents who pay attention know damned well that if the board had voted not to touch the Shelby Woods North consent judgment, the condo owners would be at the meetings whining about how the Shelby Township Board of Trustees screwed them and let their development go down the tubes.

Like with crying babies, there is no satisfying their wants, no reasoning to their whining, they whine for attention and because they have no idea how to satisfy their own needs.

The legitimate concern of a few has stirred up the whole lot of people clamoring for attention. There is no satisfactory cure for this crazy, name-calling, whiny bunch.

I, for one, believe the board has spent enough time and resources trying to sooth the colicky bunch. There is a time to just put the babies in their crib, leave the room, let them cry it out of their system and take a nap.

The group of people coming up in the meetings and attacking the board is too much. The board is very limited with its options when it comes to private land owner disputes, but that doesn’t matter to these people. Like 4-year-olds denied a treat, they don’t realize the cupboard is bare, they just want what they want, logic be damned.

Please explain to the rest of the residents how your situation will improve or worsen our (the rest of the citizens') lives.

I will ask this same question of all the controversial subjects.

How will cutting the police pensions make the residents lives worse ... it won’t, it will only bother a few who believe they are entitled.

How will making the towing contractor work under contract adversely affect the residence lives ... it won’t, it will only infuriate one family who felt entitled to charge whatever THEY felt was fair for service.

I am tired of a FEW self-entitled whiny babies trying to control the rest of us while taking money from our pockets.

When put like this, I don’t believe the sitting board members who stand their ground for the MAJORITY of citizens will have any problems in the next election.

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Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 12:40 AM
Please explain how you know how many of us have paid into thee association? I have been trying to get a 2010 summary from the association of what has been paid in, what has been paid out. A copy of the bills from all services renderd and a copy of all the checks paid out. I have yet to be provided any of this even though we (the condo owners) are entitled to all of this information.
Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 12:48 AM
Matt, Please explain again how any of the Shelby Woods North Condos has become a dispute against the other 70,000 residents. I only hear a handful of non SWN condo owners speaking out about a situation that has no direct or indirect affect on their lives. There would be no disput or no debate with the Board had they never got themselves involved. The few non SWN owners speaking about this must not really understand that the board got themselves involved when a unprofessional contractor ran to them. We condo owners never ran to the board until the board put there hand in the money jar.....It has been 13 months since the board has got itself involved and yet the condo is in the same situation it was then. The board does not get involved unless they have something to gain. As for the owners of the condo, they (we) have every right to defend our livelyhood. Do me a favor and look up Inverse Condemnation. You will be hearing a lot more about this and a few other things. This situation is long from over. I promise........
Matt Guarnieri September 13, 2011 at 02:27 AM
SWC - Inverse Condemnation? I don't see how property owners were financially affected by the government taking something from the property owners and not properly compensated.... This sounds like an attorney trying to get a retainer from an uneducted client. There are far better arguements for this case, your attorney isn't looking deep enough. keep digging, your not even close yet.
Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 02:53 AM
Matt, I am glad to see you know my education level. Your words are meaningless to me. Sticks and stones Matt. Sticks and Stones.... Also, I am glad you know how to use Google. That must be because of your superior knowledge. There is a lot more to Inverse Condemnation then the first paragraph of Wikipedia. Wow Matt it sounds like you got your masters in law and a minor in politics.
Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 02:57 AM
As for SWN Co-owner, go ahead and run to the attorney general. You probably have him in your right pocket since the board is in your left pocket. Please, Please, Please explain to me how the SWN Condo situation is going to cost the taxpayers money. Everyone keeps making that statement yet no one will elaborate on how it will affect the tax payers...........


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