Family Members Charged With Selling K2, Cocaine Out of Gas Station, Smoke Shop

Six family members all face charges in connection with a drug ring based out of a Shelby Township gas station and smoke shop.

A mother, her sons and three grandsons have been charged with multiple felonies for allegedly selling K2 and other drugs out of two Shelby Township businesses.

The relatives are accused of distributing synthetic marijuana, also known as K2/Spice, cocaine, ecstasy, hydrocodone and marijuana out of the Citgo Gas Station and Woodstock Smoke Shop, which is about 100 feet away, on Van Dyke Avenue and 21 Mile Road.

The owner of the gas station, Faize Dabish, 63, of West Bloomfield; her sons, David Dabish, 39; Derick Dabish, 31, and Dabish Dabish, 35, of West Bloomfield and Sterling Heights; and grandsons Audrick Dabish, 18, and Dedrick Dabish, 17, both of Sterling Heights, all face charges.

They are expected to be arraigned in 41-A District Court in Shelby Township Monday afternoon.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said the family was running a drug enterprise, and the charges are the result of a months-long, multi-jurisdictional investigation led by township police and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“We will take down anyone who attempts to distribute this insidious drug,” said Smith in the release.

Businesses Raided on Halloween

The businesses, in addition to homes in West Bloomfield and Sterling Heights were Authorities discovered K2 at the businesses and large quantities of K2 in a storage unit in Sterling Heights. Several vehicles and $20,000 in cash were confiscated in connection with the raid. Five people were taken into custody and later released.

Investigators began watching the businesses over the summer after community members complained that the businesses continued even after it was banned in Michigan on July 9.

"Our narcotics detectives have put an immense amount of effort into this investigation in the past six months," said Shelby Township Police Chief Roland Woelkers. "These efforts have led to the issuance of today’s charges."

David Weaver December 15, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Good. Throw them in jail or better yet deport them. And what kind of name is Dabish Dabish?
Macomb Rocker December 16, 2012 at 01:34 PM
As I said to their few supporters, it was a matter of time before enough evidence was gathered to charge them. Oh, (that illiterate) Curtis said the Dabish's were American. LOL Another foreign piece of trash family we let in America without validating them.
Reina December 19, 2012 at 03:46 AM
I'll repeat the comment I left on the "updated story" of Dec. 18th: Sickening ... what a horrible, horrible mother and grandmother Faize Dabish is ... and the men are no better because they're all old enough to know right from wrong. I just hope they receive harsh sentences, and not the usually-soft ones that the Macomb Co prosecuting attorney is known to hand out in plea deals, or the "slaps on the wrist" that Macomb Co judges give out, despite what "Sentencing Guidelines" call for (except for Mary Chrzanowski - we can only hope and pray they all have to be sentenced by her! Yay Judge Chrzanowski!) I hope the sheriff digs deep to find out who was supplying them with the prescription hydrocodone they were selling - from "doctor" Sam Awadi, perhaps?? (the Shi'ite Muslim recently arrested at one of his offices in Warren for prescription fraud, among other things, and has sent millions of dollars to his Hezbollah terrorist relatives/cohorts in Lebanon). And find out what they've been doing with THEIR money (hopefully not funding terrorists, as well). And if they do not have citizenship here, DEPORT them, immediately!! (if they are, but not due to being BORN here, REVOKE their citizenship and deport them!!)


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