Fire Department to Purchase $1.4 Million in New Trucks, Equipment

The Shelby Township Fire Department will purchase two new fire trucks and six ambulance cots.

The Shelby Township Board of Trustees authorized the Fire Department to spend nearly $1.4 million to replace two fire engines and buy new ambulance cots to reduce injury to firefighters.

The fire department will purchase two new trucks: a 100-foot platform aerial Sutphen for $976,045 and a Sutphen Pumper truck for $377,413. In addition, the department has allocated additional funds to replace all the equipment inside the trucks.

Acting Fire Chief James Swinkowski said the township received a $44,000 discount by Sutphen by placing both orders at once.

Swinkowski said the pumper fire truck will replace the previous truck, which was purchased in 1994, and the 100-foot aerial truck will replace a 70-foot aerial truck that was bought in 1997.

The trucks will be paid for by the equipment replacement reserve fund.

Also, the department will purchase six Power Pro Ambulance Cots made by Stryker for a total cost of $70,916.

Swinkowski said lifting patients on the stretcher have caused many preventable firefighter injuries.

“The average weight of our patients is in excess of 300-pounds,” said Swinkowski.

If injuries to firefighters are not reduced by 50% in the first year, the department will receive a full refund on the stretchers.


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