Demolition To Resume at Former Visteon Plant

Indiana Metals to continue demolition of Visteon Plant.

Indiana Metals LLC can resume its plans to demolish the former on Mound Road in Shelby Township, after a March 22 court hearing, C&G News reported.

The paper said that Indiana Metals has agreed to 31 of Shelby Township's 32 conditions, with one amendment. Instead of Indiana Metals paying Shelby a cash deposit that covered all demolition costs prior to any work at the site, the two parties have agreed to begin demolition with a $2.5 million bond, which can be offset by monthly cash payments as the demolition process progresses, according to C&G News.

Shelby Township Attorney Rob Huth told the newspaper that if at any time during the demolition process the township feels Indiana Metals is not meeting the other 31 conditions that were set by the planning and building directors, the township would be able to stop work and hire a contractor paid for with Indiana Metals bond money.

Indiana Metals started demolition last May but stopped after the Township issued a lawsuit claiming work was not being executed safely and properly, including improper removal of asbestos. The township issued 32 condition demolition guidelines to Indiana Metals, which put all demolition on hold. Work will continue now that Indiana Metals has agreed to the township’s conditions, which included removal of concrete slabs. Ford Motor Company is responsible for remediation contaminated soil. 

There are several buildings on the 208-acre site, totaling 1.87-million square feet. All are to be leveled except for one 264,0000-square foot building. The township expects the site is left environmentally clean and development ready.

Jeffery Berz April 13, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I hope Trusty Flynn is overseeing/overlooking this project. He's a real watch dog for Shelby Township! WOOF!


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