Shelby Precinct Chairperson Expects 3x More Voters Today than Primary Elections

Shelby Township is seeing record voter turnouts today.

Precinct 23 and 24 Chairperson in Shelby Township tells Patch this is the highest voter turnout she's seen since working the polls for half a decade.

Even though precinct 23 and 24 is one of the busiest locations in Shelby Township, Judy Rosenthal said she is expecting 1,200 voters, which is three times as many voters who participated in the August Primaries.

In addition, one fifth, which is about 12,000 registered voters in Shelby Township voted via absentee ballot, said Rosenthal.

By 6:10 a.m. nearly 100 people were already lined up outside precincts 23 and 24 to vote.

"It was just remarkable. That means there is a lot of voter apathy," said Rosenthal.

Despite the high turnout, Rosenthal said the lines are now running smoothly and there have been no issues so far.

One thing about this election that has stuck out in Rosenthal's mind is the quietness.

Usually, she hears people walking into the poles chatting with their neighbors about issues and the races, but this year, people have been silent.

"It's odd. This is the first election I haven't heard a single person say anything," said Rosenthal.

"I think people have their minds made up, and since it's such a polarizing elections, they would rather not talk about it."

The average time it takes this year for a person at precinct 23 and 24 to cast their vote has been 10 minutes.

Even though the ballot is lengthy, voters seem to have studied it, said Rosenthal.

“That's encouraging to me," she said.

A poll worker’s day isn't done until the last person in line by 8 p.m. has voted and the results are tabulated and sent to the township.


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