Shelby Township Board of Trustees To Be Sworn in During Official Ceremony

The Shelby Township Board of Trustees consists of all incumbents plus one newcomer, Nick Nightingale.

In Shelby Township, Republicans rule.

During the 2012 elections Tuesday, every seat on the Shelby Township Board of Trustees was filled by a Republican, and all incumbents, except for one new trustee.

Shelby Township incumbent Supervisor Rick Stathakis will hold the township’s top spot for another four years. Stathakis beat Independent candidate David Erickson for the spot with 20,102 to Erickson's 11,520.

"Although I was not elected, my heart was filled with joy for the over 11,500 people who gave me their support and confidence by voting for me," Erickson said in an emial.  "I am thankful and honored beyond words. This whole process was never about me. It was about providing the great people of Shelby Township a choice and an opportunity for change."

Stathakis told Patch he plans to continue to hammer away at the township's agenda, which includes reducing costs and making local government more transparent.

Shelby Township Trustee Michael Flynn will be the new Treasurer after he ran unopposed in the November elections. 

Flynn told Patch as treasurer, he will shift his focus to pension reform. 

Former Treasurer, Paul Viar, will join the board as trustee. He won 19,070 of the votes.

"We’ve had a pretty smooth transition plan with Mr. Viar and I am ready to go to work," added Flynn.

Current Clerk Stan Grot will remain in the role for another four years after running unopposed. The Shelby Township Board of Trustees appointed Grot to the position at the end of 2011.

Viar, will join incumbents Doug Wozniak, Paula Calvaruso Filar and newcomer Nick Nightingale. This is the first public office for Nightingale.

Voters were asked to choose four of the five candidates for the Board of Trustees. The lone Democratic candidate, Clarence Cook, had the least votes.

The board will be sworn in during a special ceremony on Nov. 20 at noon at the Shelby Township Municipal Hall.

Full results available here:

Sarah Franklin November 20, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I would hope Nick Nightingale (Our new Shelby Township Board Member, tow truck driver and co-owner of Nightingale Towing) makes a full disclosure statement as part of his "swearing into office" function on November 20th defining exactly whether Nightingale Towing plans to continue pursuing their lawsuit against Shelby Township for terminating their towing contract. It is outrageous that a seat on the Board can simultaneously sue the Township, influence the outcome of any such active lawsuits and then vote on issues which can directly benefit their local business. So, the people of Shelby need to closely monitor the fox they elected into the henhouse to make sure the needs of the Community are not compromised moving forward. I would encourage residents to closely monitor these conflict of interests in the year ahead, attend bi-weekly Board meetings and address any issues with the Board to keep full public awareness focused on this impropriety..
Dana Horton November 27, 2012 at 03:27 AM
It would be especially nice if people would just stop with the negative comments about others and just let the board do it’s job. Why do you feel it necessary to always be stirring the pot? Get a life. What’s done is done. If the Nightingale Towing Company sues someone that’s their business and the outcome is the decision of a judge or a jury. It’s really that simple.


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