Shelby Township Clerk Offers Scholarship to High School Students

The deadline to apply for the responsible government scholarship is May 2.

Photo credit: Patch file photo
Photo credit: Patch file photo

Source: Stanley Grot

To provide expanded prospects for the next generation of civic-minded, responsible United States citizens, Shelby Township Clerk Stanley Grot personally is offering scholarships for educational opportunities and assistance to help make the nation’s and Michigan’s governments better.  Clerk Stanley Grot understands a brighter future depends on our next generation of leaders.

“The sky-rocketing cost of a college education and the astronomical interest rates on student loans has made higher education unaffordable for many.  I established this scholarship to help in a small way to alleviate the financial burden being placed on the children and families of this community” said Clerk Stanley Grot.

Clerk Stanley Grot knows a pivotal part of the nation’s success is a well-educated voting public, and this is most important when it comes to understanding the nation’s laws and its civic history. With that in mind, Grot wanted to expand possibilities for students in his community to take their passion for government a step further and engage in expanded educational opportunities.

The scholarships were established October of 2013 and are open to students of all majors but are intended for students with a passion for government, the nation’s founding and the U.S. Constitution.  The $300 scholarships will be awarded to each of the following high schools: Utica High School, Henry Ford II High School, Eisenhower High School and Romeo High School.

These scholarships are open to ALL hardworking students in the above high schools. A student must maintain a 2.5 GPA and begin college full-time in fall 2014. Copies of the application are available in the counseling office. For more information, contact Clerk Stanley Grot by phone at (586) 453-5988 or by email at stanleytgrot@gmail.com.

Download the attached PDF file for a copy of the application.


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