UPDATE: Board Agrees to Send Building Inspectors to Shelby Woods North

The Shelby Township Board of Trustees gave residents an update Tuesday night on the status of the Shelby Woods North consent judgment.

Attorney Rob Huth said he expects paperwork to be completed by the end of the week that will help the Shelby Woods North condominium owners.

“This document will give the township leverage it needs to get between the residents and the developer,” said Huth.

Several Shelby Woods North residents came to the podium and addressed the board about their concerns with the building and grievances with developer.

Residents said they recently received a $750 delinquent fee for the 2010 condo assessments; even the residents who moved in after 2010 are on the hook for the fee.

Shelby Woods resident Magdalena Leska said the fee will deplete her of her savings and ruin her credit if she can’t come up with the money.

“He (the developer) is going to destroy my life. Literally, I don’t have money. I put away money for taxes. What am I going to do,” she said as she became emotional at the podium.

“I would like to warn all condo owners out there at the flip of a dime," said Shelby Woods North condo owner Tom Delise.

At Treasurer Paul Viar’s suggestion, Supervisor Rick Stathakis said he will send inspectors out to the site to find out if there are any building violations.

To read more about the background of the consent judgment,

ShelbyReader August 17, 2011 at 08:33 PM
Isn't fraud a crime in Shelby Township? During last night's Board meeting it was implied that Shelby's Board (government) was limited in what it could do to help the residents of Shelby Woods. I disagree: almost all of the Shelby Woods residents stated that they had been paying their homeowner’s dues to the builder but the snow wasn’t plowed, the grass wasn’t cut, and the water bills had not been paid. Why shouldn’t the Board contact the County Prosecutor’s office and have the builder investigated for fraud? After all, if the homeowners are truthful, the builder collected money under false pretenses. Maybe the prospect of facing criminal prosecution will motivate the current developer to perform the work that he was paid to do.
Matt Guarnieri August 17, 2011 at 09:17 PM
Because condos are privately owned homes... If the landlord does not shovel the snow, the condo owner still gets the ticket. Just like if you paid someone to mow your lawn and they don't do it at all, it's still your responsibility. The condo or property owners need to sue the contractor... in this case, the condo association.... If an inspector finds a problem, who do you think is responsible? Shelby... the condo association...nope... the condo owner has to pay to fix their own unit and then try to recoup cost from the association. This is why the question was raised... "are you sure you want the township involved?"
Maria August 17, 2011 at 10:50 PM
I heard media is getting involved. The prosecuter is already investigating from what I hear and people are talking about this all over Shelby. They want to be sure they never purchase from a Lassale Homes or Caradonna or the other one Scabalino. There were people discussing this at the bank today going on and on. One lady said she was going to drive in to see if she could offer support to the residence. Just a terrible shame what these developers will do, well a select few that turn out to be slum lords. And many of them said the construction was poor. I hope that young man gets his builders license, he deserves to be put out of business. The truck outside the development says Lassale homes, so I think that was the builder.
ShelbyReader August 18, 2011 at 10:57 AM
This is not about issuing tickets or the consent judgment or the recall: it is about fraud. I don’t live in a condo community. However, my understanding of the rules is that the individual owners are contractually obligated to pay an assessment every month to the developer to pay for water, maintenance, and a reserve for common areas until the community is complete. Those assessments for the whole community can total thousands of dollars and apparently, at Shelby Woods, those dollars disappeared. If dozens of Shelby residents gave money to a financial advisor to invest on their behalf and discovered that there was no money in their accounts, wouldn’t it be fraud and a crime? Isn't investigating crime Township business? As for the idea that this is none of the Township’s business, I guess it depends on who you are. In this month’s bill run there is another bill from Township attorney, Mr. Huth for the lawsuit over the ITC clear cutting policy that affected only a few homeowners’ property. You can look in the newspaper archives and see that the final settlement only applied to about 25 homeowners and yet, Shelby Township paid Mr. Huth over $34,000 in legal fees for this matter. I think if Township officials can spend Township funds to protect a few people’s backyard landscapes, then they can make a few nasty phone calls on behalf of the Shelby Woods residents instead of making a lot of excuses for doing nothing.
ShelbyCitizen.com August 18, 2011 at 11:42 AM
^ Good point-Shelby Reader^. I think the difference is a contract between private builder and purchaser and a a land rights issue between property owners and a government regulated utility. If the township sticks to the letter of it's own laws, getting involved could bring more pain to the current condo occupants.... then what, we are just enforcing our ordinances trying to get the builder to do his promised work and instead we bring pain to those we wish to help.
Jennifer August 18, 2011 at 06:12 PM
Maria, I do believe this is a Lassale Homes development. On the Shelby Woods North Website, it's states Lassale Homes and also on the truck outside the condos just as you mentioned. I think probably Caradonna and Scalabrino work for Lassale maybe. Not too sure. Somewhere along the way they must all be in it together with Lasalle being the flag ship, or in this case, "Barnacle Barge". Wow, what a mess. I drove in with my daughter today and the place looks very old, they don't look new at all and that pile of concrete was all to the side and left to be a health and safety hazard for residents. Those poor people. I too was at Kmart and a couple were talking about the issue in line while I waited. I didn't comment, just listened and then drove by. Unreal. It looks foreclosed already, so maybe Lassale needs to take a hike. Let the people have control, I"m sure they can do a much better job. I felt bad for the lady that said she came from Poland and he is destroying her. I can understand how these people are angry. I would be so angry and Lassale needs to be regulated. Also, I think it's nice the Shelby Citizen has some sympathy for the condo buyers, etc. It's great to see that side of you. I like your new photo too.
Stacy Vaden August 18, 2011 at 11:25 PM
At one time Lassale had a good reputation. It's sad to see them revert. I knew people that purchased homes from them years ago and they were nice. They must have gotten mixed up in the economy and their quality declined, Just like Jordache Jeans, at one time the brand to have, the next it's Guess, the next it's Seven-they are just old news it looks like and probably cutting as many corners at the expense of their home buyers. I think they probably like someone else said, hired the other two that Joseph Caradoni and Bill Scearbolino that then probably messed it up even further. At one point their homes were beautiful and their quality was great, but driving through Shelby North it looks like it foreclosed already, I have to agree with everyone on that! I wouldn't want to live there.
Stacy Vaden August 18, 2011 at 11:32 PM
Well Lassale needs to step up to the plate and help undo what they apparently did.
Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 12:53 AM
We never asked the Township to get involved. Not once. They got involved all by their grown up selves. Please explain why you keep stating that we want the Township involved? We never once asked for their help or advice. They made their decision and now we choose our action. We have every right to seek answers to questions...
Michael Pikora September 13, 2011 at 12:55 AM
The board did not seek out the builder, the builder sought out the board.....


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