Utica Secures Funding to Build Final Portion of Hike and Bike Trail

Utica has secured the funds it needs to build the final phase of the Shelby-Utica Hike and Bike Trail.

None of the money needed to finish the final phase of Utica’s portion of the Shelby-Utica Hike and Bike Trail will come out of the city’s general funds.

The Macomb County Department of Roads, in connection with the federal government, will pay 80 percent of the project and Utica will spring for the remaining 20 percent. The total cost to finish the second phase is $506,538.

To pay Utica’s portion of the $105,320, the city council on Tuesday agreed to transfer $105,000 from the Downtown Development Fund and $30,000 from the Parks and Recreations Department.

Mayor Jacqueline Noonan said the city found a way to fund the remainder of the project at no expense to the taxpayer.

The last leg of the in Utica’s city limits will connect Auburn Road to the existing path in , and into . The project is set to begin in 2012.

The Shelby-Utica Hike and Bike Trail is part of Macomb County’s ambitious goal to build a 70-mile continuous trail that will stretch from central to northern Macomb County.

The plans call for the loop to connect the Macomb Orchard Trail in the northern section of the county, south to the Stony Creek Metro Park Trail, east to the Metro Beach Trail, through Mount Clemens, and then back up to the Macomb Orchard Trail.

one October 13, 2011 at 03:12 AM
huh??? so federal, county, and local taxes are paying for it, buy the story claims the mayor says "no expense to the taxpayer"??? where does the federal, county, and local gov'ts get their money from???
ShelbyReader October 13, 2011 at 11:11 AM
FYI there is no Santa Claus, Federal money spent on bike paths is taxpayer money and in an era of massive Federal deficits it is probably borrowed money that our kids are going to be paying off with interest. In January, the C and G News reported that Mayor Noonan, after spending over $900,000 on bike paths in 2010, did not have the $130,000 in matching funds to rebuild the Van Dyke bridge over the Clinton River, one of the main roads in her city. Yet, now we are reading that she has $105,000 to build more bike paths. Just to give the reader a more accurate picture of the kind of spending on bike paths that has been taking place this is a list of bike path projects I compiled from news reports and the list of construction projects on the Macomb County Road Department website: County Line $368,000, Riverbends/Utica (4 miles from the Macomb Orchard Trail on 25 mile to Riverbends Park on 22 Mile and 1.25 miles from Riverbends to Utica) $2.7 million, Romeo Trailhead Park $195,000, Macomb Orchard Trail (pave 8 miles) $1 million, Harrison Hike/Bike Path $3.3 million. Additionally, Shelby Township’s politicians spent $438,000 in 2009 to construct a one mile bike path inside Riverbends and Utica spent $900,000 in 2010 on bike paths. The total for all these projects, which is an incomplete list from 2009 to 2012 (3 years), is $8.9 million.
Shelby Biker February 28, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Wah, wah wah! The previous commenters can only genuflect on their obvious stupidity. Rather than seeing what the Utica mayor MEANS by what she says, these commenters simply want to find an excuse to rant. As any 10th grader can tell you, the Utica mayor was conveying that no new CITY funds were allocated out of the city's general fund, nor were city taxes raised, to build the trail. Utica taxpayers are the taxpayers she's concerned about, and with good cause. Have you seen the size of Utica? The fact that it has its own library and its own mayor is a small wonder, considering its size. So the previous commenters just need to chill and start biking off some of their frustration. Good grief! Get a life.


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