Would You Pay to See this Look on Utica Rep. Jeff Farrington's Face?

Utica Rep. Jeff Farrington takes a polar plunge to raise money for Special Olympics of Michigan.

If your answer is "yes," you're among the supporters who contributed to Utica Rep. Jeff Farrington's campaign to raise money for Special Olympics of Michigan.

Farrington, along with 20 other state legislators, took the plunge into a cold pool on the Capitol steps in Lansing on Feb. 23.

During the first Legislative Polar Plunge, organizers raised more than $20,000 for Special Olympics of Michigan.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Rep. Farrington for supplying Patch with this photo - which is an instant classic.

Valarie Alspaugh February 28, 2012 at 08:55 PM
I don't know about Rep. Farrington's face.....but I might pay a dollar or two to see this exact same expression on the faces of ALL the candidates for Shelby Township Board positions!! What a grand way for Shelby Township to give a little back to others on behalf of the community that votes for them! For instance...maybe those wonderful organizations that applied for CDBG funds that had to be denied due to fund limitations!!! What do you say guys/gals.....you up for paying a little forward???
john jamison February 28, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Well maybe he does actually have a soul.....then again he can't do charity w/o sending in his own propaganda photo. Typical! Anyways......the next time I hope to see his face is when it hangs low after being trounced come election day when he is up for re-election. Another Republican who refuses to listen to anyone w/o CEO or OWNER on a business card. I hate the fact I voted for this guy. I won't make the same mistake. This Republican, me, is voting straight Democrat for the first time ever! And proud of it!


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