Eisenhower High School "Rocks the Vote"

Local high school students learn more information about the upcoming election and political leaders in a "rocking" way.

Eisenhower High School held the third annual "Rock the Vote!" event Wednesay to educate the more than 2,000 potential voters about politics.

Rock the Vote, a nation-wide initiative event for students and staff members in the school community, was aimed to promote the importance of voting, provide information to students and staff about both parties, and provide an opportunity for students of age to register to vote. The event theme of "We Will" was directed to the students in the tenets of how they would hear the information, voice their opinion, and rock the upcoming electoral vote.

The morning started off with just that - some great music to get the event 'rocking'.  Then, keynote speakers spoke with the students regarding the policies of their party as well as why their party's candidate is worth voting for.

Gary Cynowa, a member of the North Macomb Democratic club, spoke about the policies that the democratic party is offering this year, and why he thought President Barack Obama would be a presidential candidate to consider for re-election.  

Continuing the presentation, State Rep., Jeff Farrington, spoke about the policies that the republican party is offering this year, along with why he believed Gov. Mitt Romney is a presidential candidate that voters should consider as well.

Finally, Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive, spoke to the students on a level that perked the interest of many.  He spoke about the reasons why students should be involved with the election, and additionally urged students that are of age to participate in the Nov. 6 election.

"No matter who you vote for, do yourself a favor; vote,” Hackel said. “It does make a difference.”

Concluding each presentation by each speaker, the audience was asked for any questions that they may have wanted to ask the representative on behalf of each party.  Student participation in this matter was mature and in big number.

During all lunch periods, students were given the opportunity to learn how to get involved with the campaigns this year and help out with the election committees, along with voter registration that occured at that time.

The overall focus of the information presented at the event Wednesday is to help students - of all ages - make an educated decision in a nation-wide mock election that Eisenhower High School will be participating in later this month.


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