Macomb Community College Raises Tuition to $86 Per Credit Hour

This marks a $6 increase in resident tuition since the 2010-11 academic year. The college previously increased its tuition by 5 percent, to $84 per credit hour, in 2011-12.

Tuition rates will be 2 percent higher at Macomb Community College next year following a recent decision by the Board of Trustees.

This hike will increase the per credit hour rate for residents by $2 to $86, $131 for nonresidents and $170 for foreign and out-of-state students. The board authorized the increase during a regularly scheduled meeting this month.

This marks a $6 increase in resident tuition since the 2010-11 academic year.

This most recent increase is the result of “significant fiscal challenges,” which the college says include a $12.3 million decline in property tax revenue over three years and continued increases in mandated expenditures, such as a projected $2.9 million increase in payments to the Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System.   

“Balancing affordability, ongoing economic stressors and fiscal stewardship are essential to ensuring that Macomb Community College continues to be a vital resource for relevant education and training in the 21st century economy,” said MCC President Jim Jacobs, in a prepared statement.

“Our community relies on Macomb College for an accessible and affordable start to earning a bachelor’s degree, for meaningful career education, for retooling displaced workers with updated skills, and for the continuing professional development and training necessary for long-term employment sustainability.” 

Despite the increase, MCC maintains that the cost of tuition and fees for a typical beginning full-time student at Macomb is 12 percent below the state average for community colleges, according to an annual survey.

All of Macomb Community College’s tuition rates will increase 2 percent beginning with the fall 2012 semester: 

Current 2012-13 Resident $84 $86 Nonresident $128 $131 Out of state/foreign $167 $170 Affiliate* $106 $108 Variable (Contract) $84 $86

*Those living in areas not served by a community college district.

For more information on the college, visit www.macomb.edu.

Jenny Whalen April 21, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Unless state or federal funding drastically changes, tuition costs will only continue to go up. Would a $100+ per credit hour rate at MCC keep you from an education?


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