Meet Shelby Jr. High School's New Principal, Lisa McDill

As students continue to adjust to their new school schedule, they will be getting to know the student's new faculty. Meet Shelby Junior High School's new principal.

Meet new principal: Lisa McDill.

Patch Question: What is your vision for the future of the district?

McDill's Answer: I support the Indicators of Excellence, which were adopted by the Board of Education in August, 2007. The plan calls for increasing student achievement, creating a college culture within the district, and encouraging our students to reach higher in order to be prepared to compete globally as 21st century citizens. The indicators define what the adults in the learning community will do to ensure that we meet our overriding district goal: “Every Child Achieves.”

Patch Question: What are your goals for Shelby during the 2011/2012 school year?

McDill's Answer: One of my goals for Shelby Junior High during the 2011-2012 school year is that our student achievement increases as the result of a hard-working, dedicated, caring, and truly professional staff implementing the adopted curriculum in a way that engages students in their own learning. In addition, I want Shelby to continue to be a supportive school community in which staff, parents, and students work together.

Patch Question: Are there any new policies you plan on immediately implementing?

McDill's Answer: No. Shelby is a great school and I believe the policies that are currently in place are effective.

Patch Question: What inspires your passion for education?

McDill's Answer: I originally became a teacher because I loved my school experiences and wanted to pay it forward to future generations. Now, I am inspired by my two sons, Connor and Logan, as well as every student I have had the good fortune to work with. When you know you are impacting kids’ lives and futures—that’s a powerful thing.

Patch Question: Is there an inspiring message you would like to leave for the children?

McDill's Answer: Always do your personal best and be kind to everyone, then there should be no regrets.

Patch Question: What is your educational background?

McDill's Answer: I earned a Bachelor of Science from Wayne State University with a major in English and minor in communications. My Master of Educational Leadership was earned at Saginaw Valley State University. 


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